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                  General Manager X..
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                  Zhongtuo Petroleum and the Belt .. [2017-05-20]
                  Stand together through storm and.. [2017-04-06]
                  Company and Ministry of Petroleu.. [2017-01-13]
                  The 34th China International Tre.. [2016-10-19]
                  CCTV Reported our Company’s Tren.. [2016-08-30]
                  New technology promotion divisio.. [2016-08-30]
                  Project Information
                  Successfully crossing pipes for .. [2018-05-21]
                  Haixi Pipeline HDD Crossing Succ.. [2018-01-25]
                  Congratulate DN2000 pipeline sta.. [2018-01-25]
                  Tahe broken pipe project enginee.. [2018-01-23]
                  Fight the snow, Overcome the col.. [2017-11-20]
                  Put into escort for the first co.. [2017-11-14]
                  Notice of 2015Qingming Festival .. [2015-05-22]
                  2015 Spring Festival Vacation ar.. [2015-05-22]
                  Notification for 2014 May Holiday [2014-05-29]
                  the Arrangement for 2012 May Day.. [2012-05-14]
                  the Changes of Guangzhou Branch’.. [2012-05-14]
                  about the Arrangement for Qingm.. [2012-05-14]
                  Career Center
                  Recruitment of Non-Destructive I.. [2012-06-04]
                  Representatives of the Overseas .. [2012-06-04]
                  Argon Arc Welding Workers [2012-06-04]
                  Workers [2012-06-04]
                  Accountant recruitment [2011-11-02]
                  Overseas branch director recruit.. [2011-11-02]
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